Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Color Of Money

Well, I've been resistant to the idea of creating my own blog, but since everyone and their brother seems to have gotten into the blogging mood, I figure I might as well offer my fans and detractors an opportunity to vent. The intention is to encourage discussion about the various topics on the www.NCANS.net site, specifically the Sanity Check editorials. Rather than hearing several dozen people tell me via email that I'm an arrogant, opinionated megalomaniac, I thought it would be more fun to enable them do it in an open forum. That way I can mock them, or congratulate them on their spectacular taste (presuming they agree with me), or otherwise engage them while the world watches. So come one, come all, lapdogs and leaders alike, and welcome. Pull up a chair, set awhile, and let's see if we can be interesting in short bursts.


Blogger Craig is working on his first million said...

Great job Bob! This should be an interesting, as the Novastar war rages on.

4:56 AM  
Blogger trans-stilbene said...

This is excellent. It was really rediculous when Cuban deleted your posts from his Blog. I'm sure you won't have to delete anybody's posts from this blog, the truth tends to speak for itself.

3:12 PM  
Blogger W. MCNEAR said...

Your messages are great!! My wife and I appreciate all of the information and work that you have

8:06 AM  

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