Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bad Moon Rising

In Which The King of Money Laundering and Stingers Indicates I Am Under Surveillance

For those who are enjoying the ongoing saga of "my" privacy being breached and the cartel of bad guys interested in doing me no good sustaining an ongoing campaign of intimidation and such, let's look at a post from the Yahoo message boards from today, by the poster widely believed to be none other than convicted terrorist money launderer and known felon Kevin Ingram - also believed to be the bad guy whose wildly poor advice dug the cartel of shorts in NFI deeper during the biggest boom in American housing history.

Whether or not Andrewluislunatic is actually Kevin Ingram cannot actually be known definitively due to Yahoo privacy policies, and it is possible that it isn't he - I will leave it up to you to decide for yourself where you stand in your opinion on the topic. If anyone remembers, last year in a flurry of posts on the Yahoo boards (since mysteriously "disappeared" by Yahoo with no reason cited), the person using Andrew and Fivestargeneral and several other ID's had an exchange wherein I outed him as likely being the KI in question - and I am posting that exchange for everyone's enjoyment after this post. But here's the point - does anyone believe that a convicted felon with terrorist ties telling me point blank that my name is known and that I am unders surveillance does not constitute a far more serious example of a threat than the fluff posited by an aggrieved hedge fund to constitute a threat? Let's see, in corner one we have terrorist enabling, money laundering, multiple time federal inmate KI (if speculations to that effect are correct) indicating that "I" am under surveillance and presumably should be concerned (about what we can only imagine) - do we really need any further examples of why my anonymity is a prudent step?

Anyhow, here's the latest idiotic missive, which I am going to bet Barrons doesn't do an article on, followed by the original exchange that led many to speculate that this poster is in fact fallen Deutsche Bank bond desk star turned money-laundering felon, who was aiding some Pakistanis that were attempting to secure nuke triggers and Stinger missiles in the days immediately pre-9/11. Now I'm sure that the defenders of this particular fecal remnant will say it is all a joke, just good fun, and discount the obvious ominous overtone. Draw your own conclusions. And BTW, I don't shop at K-Mart, but that is besides the point...


Re: Evening News - Shorts still 100% wroby: andrewluislunatic
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06/21/05 01:49 amMsg: 316451 of 316620

You're under surviellance - they know what your name is...ps..shopping at K-Mart these days?

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And now for the famous posting exchange which was deleted by Yahoo. It is also worth noting that all of this poster's ID's went dark within 1/2 an hour of the exchange (profiles unavailable) and that nobody has found a compelling reason for the exchange to be removed. First, the post numbers from the Yahoo message boards:


Here's the original exchange, and note that he slips in and out of the andrew and fivestargeneral ID's - he's flustered and forgets which he is posting under. Also note the timeline and the timing of the responses - this appears to be someone with intimate knowledge of arcane data that only the real KI would likely know so quickly (based on such loosely constructed clues for him to go on) - which makes us all wonder aloud again at who got the posts removed, why they were removed, and why a convicted felon was posting from prison (the real KI was behind bars for parole violation during this period, and his internet habits could easily be checked via the prison web logs if the FBI or parole authorities were interested is seeing whether one of their inmates was involved in a stock manipulation scheme from behind bars). But I digress. They are what they are:
Where there's smoke there's FIRE
by: andrewluislunatic
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10/21/04 12:12 am Msg: 212664 of 249897

This is devastating news for NFI. Look for the same level of declining income and divi for NFI.
Re: Where there's smoke there's FIRE
by: dirtydirtydeeds (43/M/Cyberspace)
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Don't Stinger missiles make a lot of fire?

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Re: Where there's smoke there's FIRE
by: andrewluislunatic
10/21/04 12:23 am Msg: 212666 of 249897

Who the ?!%$ tipped you off?

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Re: Where there's smoke there's FIRE
by: dirtydirtydeeds (43/M/Cyberspace)
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10/21/04 12:30 am Msg: 212667 of 249898

The story of KI. A man to be proud of, a leader of his people. Still talk to the reverend? Or did that dry up? How does one know when one has outstayed one's welcome and is days, if not minutes, from being stung? That's the question, no?

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Re: 33% Down in After Hours
by: dirtydirtydeeds (43/M/Cyberspace)
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10/21/04 12:38 am Msg: 212670 of 249898

90 shares traded as a misprint. Hey, I know. How about I go find a link about one of Harlem's favorite sons that had a little mishap with Deutsche and then an oopsie daisy over some stingers? That would be good clean american fun. Say, "general", would you happen to have a prison record?

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Re: Where there's smoke there's FIRE
by: fivestargeneral808 (31/M/HARLEM, NY)
10/21/04 01:09 am Msg: 212684 of 249899

the days of BIA are in the past...I want to know who your PI is, he has violated a lot of laws, a slippery slope since you hired him

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Re: Where there's smoke there's FIRE
by: dirtydirtydeeds (43/M/Cyberspace)
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10/21/04 01:15 am Msg: 212685 of 249899

Don't you get that it's not a PI? No PI can dig you up. You've just outstayed your welcome. Too long in one place. Too many giveaways. PI's are the least of your worries. I'd make a graceful egress while I could. Word. Anything else you want to talk about?

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Re: Where there's smoke there's FIRE
by: fivestargeneral808 (31/M/HARLEM, NY)
10/21/04 01:28 am Msg: 212687 of 249901


Posted as a reply to: Msg 212685 by dirtydirtydeeds

BIA was Black, Indian, Muslim - a company Ingram started a long time ago. Here's some links to his story:




Now folks, journalists like Jesse have questioned if there are genuinely bad guys out there who wish me less than the best. I invite you to peruse this exchange, and ponder what type of person gets convicted of money laundering for those looking for missiles used to blow airliners out of the sky, and nuke triggers for suitcase dirty bombs, and consider whether having that type of person advising you that your are under surveillance is alarming or not. It does provide proof, as if further proof was necessary, that the info being used by Jesse and Carol is in the hands of very bad people (and likely supplied to them by those bad people), and that they are wittingly or not, assisting those very bad people to breach my anonymity, without respect for or consideration of the possibly mortal danger it places me in.

Don't expect to see any press coverage on this - what would be newsworthy about a terrorist arms-procurer's money launderer posting from prison and issuing thinly veiled threats against a private citizen whose offense is to demand that the laws against FTD'ing are enforced, and has had the temerity to expose the techniques used by the hedge fund that is the front guy for the group that has targeted NFI?

Please just move along. Nothing to see here.

Any questions?


Blogger JustSomeJoe said...

Does HHill think it is KI?

He's the one who tipped you off last time...

8:39 PM  
Blogger bob obrien said...

I actually have no idea what you are talking about, as far as Hhill's opinions as to whether or not the guy that knew minutiae of Kevin's history at one in the morning to the level where he could put BIA into the mix real time is KI.

I will say that it seems wildly impossible that someone would be able to put that string together that quickly based on the fishing expedition I threw out there.

I would rate my confidence that it is the person in question at better than 98%. I have also spoken with folks who knew him, and that have seen the exchange as well as read some of the posts, and they believe it is him. Unfortunately, the only real way to know the unknowable is through discovery, or if law enforcement does its job, which so far hasn't been a particularly good bet.

11:11 AM  
Blogger gvtucker said...

Yeah, lots of questions.

First, do you have any independent verification of your suspicions? Right now all we've got is what you've written. There's nothing on Yahoo. I've seen nothing to connect this terrorist to you opponents in NFI. I am willing to buy off on the thought that there might be shortsellers that are indeed less-than-scrupulous. But if someone is indeed threatening you, go to the authorities if you've got any proof. Otherwise, all I see is a highly biased source--you--that in the past has printed incorrect and/or misleading information about shortsellers.

10:25 AM  
Blogger bob obrien said...


So, are you saying that the posting exchange isn't genuine? I have all the originals saved as image files if that would help you out with your fact finding. They are the genuine content, and are available from a number of other posters as well who wisely heeded my advice to save them "just in case" they disappeared.

Or are you saying that the contents of the postings doesn't lead you to the conclusion I arrived at? That a guy posting many times a day bashing NFI and forwarding the short perspective using multiple ID's, who displayed a remarkable facility with an arcane topic like mortgage backed securities and the like, and who knew very obscure data about KI within minutes of an exchange and became threatening while simultaneously forgetting which ID he was using, and further offered forth info only the real KI would likely know in the wee hours of the morning, was not in fact connected to the shorts in this, nor KI? Huh. Wonder what the explanation for why he was posting in that vocational manner is, and how he knew all that stuff about KI when I never mentioned a name (much less a company associated with KI that was only placed after some research), and why he is further indicating I am under surveillance? And how did he get all those posts removed by yahoo? I would delight in hearing your answers.

Aside from the ad hominem, I'm unclear on what you are saying.

And I can't discuss any contact with the authorities at this point - unless of course you are a reporter for Barron's who is outraged that an anonymous message board poster would threaten me in as thinly veiled a manner as I believe this is - seems a little more malevolent than how's the weather, no?

Or does moral indignation and such only extend to non-threats, and legitimate and very real statements like you are under surveillance from someone who clearly does not wish me well go into the "not worth a full page in our pub" category? This would be one of those examples of where a co-opted press tries to create a story where there isn't one, and ignores the story when there is one - and all because I'm NOT a multi-millionaire hedge fund manager. Huh. Who knew that moral relativism came into play based upon who you knew.

But I digress.

What are you actually saying? That the posts aren't genuine, or that I shouldn't be worried that I am under surveillance by convicted felons and those that associate with them, or that....what?

9:12 PM  
Blogger gvtucker said...

So, are you saying that the posting exchange isn't genuine?

I am saying that I'd like to get a full picture of the entire exchange in the original context. It appears to me that the posts that you're quoting are all original, but it's quite possible that there's context missing.

Or are you saying that the contents of the postings doesn't lead you to the conclusion I arrived at?

I am saying that there isn't nearly enough information for me to arrive at your conclusion. It would be nice to see something independent.

It isn't obvious to me that there is one person posting under multiple aliases. Possible, yes. But just given the information you've provided, it isn't close to conclusive. It is obvious to me that you and whoever this guy/these guys are have some history that I'm not aware of. To me, BIA stands for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The links you provide as background either require some kind of subscription (the NY Observer link), or don't reference BIA at all (the other two links). You guys are certainly threatening each other, that's pretty clear to me. All these other connections that you allege are not apparent at all.

It is not an ad hominem attack to note that you are a biased source, just as the short sellers that you antagonize are also biased. Perhaps your biases are justified, but at this point I don't know. If I want to understand the whole story, I'd like to find someone outside of either you or Rocker and his associates, and I sure as heck don't want to look in the direction of someone anonymous yahoo poster named fivestargeneral, either.

7:39 AM  
Blogger Craig is working on his first million said...


Look in my direction.

10:09 AM  
Blogger bob obrien said...

I would suggest that you take the few minutes to google Kevin Ingram, or his name in conjunction with BIA.

Any reasonable search engine would do.

If you believe that there are a host of messages missing that would make his response more understandable within the context of Bureau of Indian Affairs or somesuch, I'm afraid you are postulating posts that simply don't exist, except in your imagination.

That was the exchange. It is what it is.

It requires some very tortuous logic to see it as anything but KI getting caught and ID's and then threatening, and then bailing.


Any other explanation requires a lot more moving parts, and frankly I haven't really heard an alternative from you, so I'll go with my explanation for now.

6:52 PM  

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