Thursday, August 18, 2005

El Conejito De Pascua - The Easter Bunny

A news release today indicated that David Rocker is going to counter-sue, and Dr. Patrick Byrne, and Mary Helburn, and everyone and anyone connected to the suit or the company.

Standard Operating Procedure.

Now here is where it gets interesting. The press release also indicates that he intends to sue Bob O'Brien, and presumably others that have taken the position that something stinks in all this, and that the stink is coming from NJ. Now, we could debate the merits of suing an anonymous message board poster all day, especially since his last foray into this area resulted in his suit being thrown out of court, but why spoil all the fun? If he wants to sue everyone that expresses the opinion that short sellers aren't warm, cuddly gnomes that tend the chocolate grass in Candyland, hey, it's a free country. Anyone can sue anyone over anything, and if he thinks that is productive, super duper. Some might view it as a transparent attempt to silence a vocal critic of illegal manipulative practices, whose organization has created a tremendous spike in popular awareness of a predatory practice that devastates innocent companies and investors, and is a well documented tactic of hedge funds (Refco and Hilary Shane have been charged in just the last 4 months for naked short selling, on behalf of hedge funds).

Why Mr. Rocker would try to silence a critic of this illegal manipulative practice is unknown.

I can only conclude that he believes that when I express opinions against the blood sucking parasites that routinely break the law and use this technique, I am somehow defaming him. Now, how does that make sense?

Presumably he has been defamed by my expressing support for Dr. Byrne's position. Harmed exactly how is not clear. Or why I can't, as part of my right to free speech, express support or criticism for whatever I want also is unclear. Dunno.

Bizarre. Really and truly bizarre. I guess it's OK for Jeff Matthews to say that Byrne is a kook 3 times a day, but I can't express an opinion about Rocker. OK. I respectfully disagree, and further would advance the notion that if public figures disagree with taking criticism from commentators, they should reconsider their status as public figures.

In deference to the import of all this, I have officially shunned all other posting IDs on Yahoo, and have selected a new ID that suitably conveys my appreciation of the gravitas that this matter warrants. I considered Santa Claus or Saint Nick, and the Tooth Fairy was on the table for a while, but after conducting exhaustive focus groups from a wide ranging demographic that mirrors the likely jury pool in California or New Jersey, I settled on something we can all live with.

The Easter Bunny.

Now lest anyone think that this is intended as a slight against our furry friends, or Easter, let me just say, tut tut. Not true.

The Easter Bunny's longstanding record of determination in the face of tremendous adversity (a rabbit who must distribute eggs throughout every Christian country at light speed within a period of hours) could well be a thinly veiled metaphor for my inner fortitude and resilience and commitment to taking on a seemingly insurmountable task.

Or it could just mean that this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of in my life. Some might take my instinct to mock what I view as colossal stupidity as being insulting or defaming. I would posit that is because you are an idiot. If you fall in that camp, we can certainly agree to disagree as to how stupid - to what degree, or how the stupidity manifests, or whether it is a blathering, slack jawed village idiot sort of stupidity, or a more advanced sort of cretinism. But I do think it is pretty silly, and pretty bizarre. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it with rabbit-like tenacity.

Be that as it may, whether your opinion is pro or con, bunny or anti-bunny, let me make one thing perfectly clear:

Rocker is now spending his time and money trying to sue The Easter Bunny.

"Your honor....we are here today to...well.......oh, never mind...."

You can practically hear it now.

I rest my case.


Blogger Tommy said...

Interesting that Rocker needs several days or more to counter sue, that all he can muster right now is a press release, yet on April 12, it took Milberg Weiss all of 24 hours to file a completed complaint against NFI.

This is the same Milberg Weiss that is being prosecuted in California.

Looks like the short ship is breaking up.

12:42 PM  
Blogger DrinkDoctor said...

in the words of the famous marketing campaign..." Thank you Easter Bunny "

12:47 PM  
Blogger bob obrien said...

Yeah, strange that.

Maybe the case will introduce when the fee agreement was signed for Milberg, and by whom. That would be fun.

Wanna bet it might have been before the article broke?

That would be a lot of explaining to do...

12:50 PM  

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