Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Website - - All Future Sanity Checks Appear There

A new website that acts as a portal/aggregator for naked short selling/market manipulation issues, titled is now live.

All future Bob O'Brien Sanity Check editorials will appear at that new website, which also features podcasts, blogs by Mark Faulk, Dave Patch, Bud Burrell, and a host of others, content from a variety of sources, required reading documents and studies, etc. Please check it out.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Dark Side Of The Looking Glass - Part Two Now Up

(NOTE - The Newest 4th Interview With Bob O'Brien is Now Available (scroll down to the lower part of the screen on the right, and select January 3, 2006). It covers everything from Jim Cramer to OSTK to REFCO to the DTCC to the SEC to systemic collapse.)

Dr. Patrick Byrne of OSTK has finished the second installment of his groundbreaking, "Dark Side Of The Looking Glass" animated slide-show presentation, and it is stunning (it is on the upper left side of the screen at

Anyone interested in why the Naked Short Selling/Fraudulent Stock Transaction crisis is the largest financial crisis to hit our market system in the last hundred years should pay close attention to the presentation - it doesn't get any clearer. For all the apologists whose party line has been "this isn't a big problem" or "it doesn't happen often" or "you are blowing it all out of proportion" - guess what? We aren't. In this easy-to-follow presentation Dr. Byrne breaks down the size and scope of the crisis in chilling terms that everyone can comprehend.

View the slide-show. Then send it to ten friends. Post about it on every message board you know of. Send it to every journalist you can think of. This is a real, tangible, 1929-level crisis, and Byrne is sounding the alarm bell as clearly and as lucidly as one could want.

A great step would be to direct your elected officials and the SEC to this site or, where it is linked on the news page, do so in writing, and then send your written correspondence to the NCANS Wall Of Letters.

Folks, this is as serious as a heart attack. I will be on CFRN on Tuesday at Noon, EST, to discuss this, and to answer any questions that come up. This is not in your head. It is not a bedtime story to scare the tykes. It is the financial scandal of our lifetime, and this presentation explains why. Get it out to everyone you can think of - it will catch fire, and the BS party line won't wash this time around. We need our officials to do something, now, to stop this cancer before it destroys our financial system, and any faith the international community has in our integrity.

This is what you have been waiting for - now make a difference and do something to make your voice heard.